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Agile methodologies allow teamwork and projects to be more productive, efficient, interactive and with greater adaptability. These types of methodologies are the most used and effective for projects related to digital, technology and software; which allows you to make the most of its functionalities and advantages.

Agile methodologies have four pillars:

• Interaction between individuals
• Efficient usability and accessibility
• Collaborative work and communication with the client
• Quick response and adaptability


The Scrum methodology is a type of agile methodology that is based on a development structure, where the development cycles of a product or service are broken down into small projects divided into three stages: analysis, development and testing.


The Lean agile methodology focuses on maximizing customer value and minimizing errors and waste, that is, producing only what is necessary under the stated objectives. With this methodology, the experience of the products is continuously validated, new ideas are produced under real tests and their operation is tested.

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